One Planet United
The Problem, The Solution and
a Plan of Action


"ONE PLANET UNITED expands the conversation regarding what's really wrong, and what we can do to make things right."
Marianne Williamson, author of the #1 N.Y. Times Bestseller "A Return to Love"
Jack passionately believes in the unity of humanity and he tirelessly works toward achieving that goal. This book is a noble and courageous attempt on his part to raise consciousness among people about our true identity and our call to live like beings with a higher consciousness.
-from the foreword by Dr. Paul Veliyathil
Jack Bloomfield, columnist, humanitarian and co-founder of the One Planet United Organization introduces his first book which brings the vision and hope of the organization to life. Jack outlines the problem, the solution and a profound yet simple plan of action for anyone who desires to be a part of the change that is necessary to bring our planet to a place of peace among all people.

The programs that we have designed are for the everyday person or small group who want a simple guideline to follow to build community right were they live. Bloomfield says.Education, training and money are not necessary to implement OP United programs. All that is needed is a heart to serve and a desire to become personally active in healing much of division that exists among people in the world today.

The book outlines specific step by step community building programs for schools, religious organizations and institutions, community centers, drama groups, corporations, neighborhoods and more that can be implemented by any one person or small group of people who desire to become active in building community and connecting human hearts.

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All proceeds from the sale of One Planet United The Problem, the Solution and A Plan of Action, go to further the mission of One Planet United, a non-profit organization devoted to bringing unity and understanding to all people.