One Planet United seeks to bring unity and understanding to all people through experiential and educational programs, projects and resources. We are devoted to bring about the elimination of prejudice, division and intolerance, one community at a time.
One Planet United exists to promote unity among all people. Through our experiential and educational programs, community projects and resources, OPU addresses all the divisive lines that are often created by religious beliefs, political affiliation, sexual orientation, skin color, financial status, and social status. We embrace the belief that at the core, all people are equal and that we all belong to the same family. The human family.

Through the implementation and distribution of our programs, products and resources, we aim to educate people about the harmful effects of prejudice, division and intolerance of any kind. We strive to be a channel that helps to create World Peace and breaks down barriers that focus on differences. Our programs, projects and resources are designed to promote unique and visionary ways to unite all people.

Additionally, we hope to inspire individuals to bring these programs to life in their own communities. Personal activism is the most effective way to promote our message, and we intend to help assist those who want to be a part of this higher consciousness. We want to help bring healing and change to the world, one community at a time.

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