Many corporations realize a responsibility to embrace the concept of “giving back.” They are reaching out to support the initiatives of non-profit organizations in their community where they live and work as well as in the world as a whole. They acknowledge that their future is linked to the future of communities around the world and that they are united by the prospect of, and commitment to, building a better tomorrow. Also, the companies are teaching and encouraging their employees to ”get involved” as well as to give back to organizations that have been created to make their community a better place to live. It is known that when an employee works for a company that leads by example in reaching out and giving back, they have an increased attitude of pride in the company they work for and a desire to join in as well.

One Planet United has developed various ways that your company can become involved with us directly. As we develop and grow as an organization, we are reaching out to the corporate sector to help us forward our mission and vision of developing more united local communities and thus a more united world.     
We are not affiliated with any racial, political or religious groups or organizations. We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization fully devoted to breaking through division, intolerance and prejudice of any kind as well as bringing awareness to the benefits of a united society. The positive aspects of your company becoming involved with One Planet United is that it will be educating all of your employees on the benefits of understanding people that are different than they are while at the same time, teaching them greater appreciation and respect for not only their co-workers but the people they come into contact with each and every day in their own communities.
Partner With One Planet United
There are many ways to form a partnership with One Planet United which include:
    - Sponsor a DAPA – Diversity and Personal Activism Teen Workshop
    - Financial support
    - Product (in-kind) donations
    - Sponsor an OPU Community building program
    - Corporate match program
    - Special events
    - Sponsor OPU Public Service Ads
    - Contact our Speakers Bureau
Contact information
For more information on forming a corporate partnership with One Planet United, please contact:
     One Planet United, Inc.
     4301 North Federal Highway
     Suite 4
     Pompano Beach, FL 33064
     Tel: 954-361-1150
We thank you for your consideration of joining with us to move the mission and vision of One Planet United forward.

Corporate Partners and Sponsors   


   - LaQuinta Inns & Suites
   - CitiBank
   - Sam’s Club
   - Lionsgate Films
   - New Line Cinema
   - City of Coral Springs
   - Alta-Graphics Miami
   - Multi-Cultural Committee of Coral Springs
   - Body & Soul Retreat Day Spa
   - Coral Springs Community Chest
   - LTMG Creative Web Solutions
   - Rob Carhart Productions
   - Shooster, Kahn & Kleinman Law Firm

Whole Foods Market, Crispers Restaurants, Home Depot, Panera Bread, Carrabbas Italian Grill, Longhorn Restaurants, Too-Jay’s, TGI Friday’s, Papa John’s, Florida Panthers, Sweet Tomatoes Restaurants, Miami Subs, Coral Springs Auto Mall, Wasserman Chiropractic, Mars Research Company, Reinhardt Video, Productions, Emerson Allsworth ESQ., Coral Springs Florist, Pools by Ike, Inc., Macaroni Grill, Forum Publishing Group, The Parklander Magazine, Puroclean Disaster Restorations, Darby’s Florists, Dr. Nancy Wiley, Southwest Sensations, Jim Anderson, “A” Lighting Company, CB Electric, Ruthie Hathorn, K-POP Graphics, Paul Shuster, Lee’s Florists, DayStar Photography, The Falci Family.

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