Every product that we offer in the OPU Store is selected because we believe it will be a vehicle to help bring awareness to the ideals and principles of One Planet United. Also, we are a 501(c)3 non profit organization so 100 % of the proceeds from the sale of all of our products is used to keep our mission and vision moving forward. Thank you for supporting One Planet United!


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“Celebrating Humanity” – Reflections, Insights and Hope for a United Planet
By Jack Bloomfield

The latest book by author, lecturer and columnist Jack Bloomfield offers a collection of insights into what divides humanity and hope that unity and understanding among ALL people is possible. (softcover, 222 pages)
Style:  922-08
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Price:  $15.95

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“One Planet United; The Problem, The Solution, and A Plan of Action”
By Jack Bloomfield

The first book written by the co-founder of One Planet United, a non profit organization devoted to bringing unity and understating to all people. Jack begins with describing what he sees as some of the core problems that keep our world so often divided. He follows that up with his beliefs on the solution as well as a detailed plan of action for healing. The book outlines the eight “step by step” programs developed by One Planet United that are designed to be initiated by anyone with a desire to be a part of the healing that we all seek. He challenges all of us to become personal activists in helping unite the planet. (softcover, 240 pages)
Style:  922-07
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Price:  $19.95

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“Architects of Peace”
By Michael Callopy

Inspired by Marian Wright Edelman’s call for leaders to close the widening gap between humanity’s promise and its performance, photographer Michael Callopy set out to document the visions of seventy-five of the world’s greatest peacemakers---spiritual leaders, politicians, scientists, artists and activists. Through their portraits and words, Architects of Peace conveys how diversity of culture and opinion can be united through a central goal of peace. (softcover)
Style:  922-06
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Price:  $25.00

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“The World According to Mr. Rogers”
By Fred Rogers

An inspiring collection of stories and insights that challenge us to see our neighbors (all people) as brothers and sisters. Contains profound wisdom from the man who has been teaching us to “Love Our Neighbor” for over 35 years. (hardcover)
Style:  922-05
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Price:  $17.00

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