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DAPA- Diversity and Personal Activism

Diversity training programs, human relations seminars and teen workshops individually designed for corporations, civic groups, school faculty and teen groups. These trainings and workshops are facilitated by One Planet United trainers. Click here to learn more about our innovative and unique approach to teaching diversity.

Community Building Programs

These programs are designed for individuals and small groups to initiate in their own communities. They include Drama Programs, After School Clubs, Community Events, Corporate Involvement, Interfaith Music Concerts, Neighborhood Outreach, Volunteering Initiatives, and finding or initiating Support Groups.
The program templates have been created as a guide to follow for those who have a desire to bring OPU principles to life in their own community. They are designed in a step by step easy to follow format to help you through the process. Training, education or money is not needed to initiate these programs. All that is needed is a desire to become a personal activist for change where diversity is embraced, unity is promoted and community is created. We encourage you to use our program templates as well as integrate any of your own ideas to customize any parts of the programs that fit your own community or situation. These templates may be downloaded directly from this site and are free of charge.
Contact us if you need help in beginning the process of initiating any of our community building programs. We can help get you started.
Note: Please share any success stories that result from the implementing of OPU programs. We would like to share them with others.
List of Program Templates:


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