One Planet United has created a speakers bureau offering community groups, schools, religious groups, businesses and corporations the opportunity to have selected people speak about the principles, mission and vision of One Planet United.
It is designed to bring a greater awareness to the harmful effects of all forms of prejudice, intolerance and division in our society as well as promote innovative ways that foster healing. This outreach project will stir thought and emotion and often times have a transforming effect on your audience.
Our speakers bureau takes the One Planet United message to the personal level that allows dialogue and encourages personal activism for change and renewal.
A personal bio of our panel provides an opportunity to learn about who they are and about why they are passionate about sharing the message of One Planet United. 

Where do we speak?

  • Middle Schools, High Schools and Colleges

  • Religious Institutions

  • Corporations and Businesses

  • Community Groups

* One Planet United is a member of The Broward County (Florida) Schools Speakers Bureau. Broward County Schools is the 6th largest school district in the United States.
How to request a speaker
Requesting a speaker is easy. Contact us and tell us a about your event or function where an OPU speaker might be a good fit. We will get back to you to discuss further details.
We do not charge a fee for a speaker from the OPU speakers bureau to come to your group or organization. We simply ask for the reimbursement of travel expenses. Since OPU is a nonprofit organization, all donations are appreciated, as they help us keep our programs going.
Meet Our Speakers



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