There are many great organizations that exist to bring the same principles to life as One Planet United does. They exist to expose the harmful effects of prejudice, bigotry, discrimination and intolerance and they focus on many different ways to bring about healing. The goal for all of these organizations is to have a society that sees the equality of all people and a world where all people can live in peace and brotherhood with one another.
One Planet United exists for all the same reasons and will continually strive to work in partnership with all organizations dedicated to the same. In the meantime, OPU is somewhat different than many of these organizations. Not in its mission and vision, but it is unique in its approach.

OPU Community Building Programs We are encouraging those who want to help further our mission to take a hands on approach and to bring One Planet United community building programs to their own communities. Many organizations that have a similar vision only initiate and administer their programs from inside the organization. The responsibility is put on the few people in the organization to bring forth their programs. Our home office here in South Florida will be working diligently to bring our programs to life in our own area, but here is where we are different. One Planet United has created a way that its mission and vision is carried out by inspired individuals and small groups that are willing to become activists in initiating our programs in their own communities. This way, the message spreads at a much greater speed and with an enthusiasm that only comes from individuals with a passion to bring healing to their community and ultimately their world. All that is needed is a few inspired individuals from communities everywhere who wish to become active in spreading the healing messages of OPU. All of the programs of OPU are designed as templates that are step by step outlines on how to bring a given educational or experiential program to your school, houses of worship, company, neighborhood or community. Education, training or money is not needed to implement OPU programs.
We believe that everyday people can have a great impact in bringing the OPU message to communities everywhere. One Planet United has created the programs. We invite you to join us by bringing them to life in your own local community. You can download them free of charge. We encourage you to contact us if you need help or more information.

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DAPA Diversity and Personal Activism Training and Workshops These trainings and workshops were created to provide experiential knowledge rather than just head knowledge for the participants. We believe by presenting our trainings and workshops with this as the goal, the individual will truly experience an inner change and begin to see all people and groups of people in a whole new way. These trainings and workshops are also designed with the ultimate goal of challenging participants to take an active roll in breaking down divisions and fostering unity iand understanding where they live and work.
(These trainings and workshops are presented by DAPA trained facilitators only)
Volunteering Volunteering for One planet united calls those to become personal activists by initiating our programs in their own communities. Volunteering for OPU means that you will be asked to take a leadership role in beginning an OPU program in your own community.

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