One Planet United is all about embracing diversity, promoting unity, and creating community.
We address the things that divide us like prejudice, discrimination, and intolerance, and we work to bring peace and unity to the world through programs that promote encounters, dialogues, and understanding. We envision a united world where humanity can live in peace as friends.

We welcome anyone who desires to work with us as we grow. There are many opportunities to volunteer but volunteering in OPU is a little bit different from other organizations because OPU is based on personal activism and leadership.
We encourage our volunteers to initiate one or more of the eight community building programs designed by One Planet United. This is what makes volunteering for OPU different.
Starting a program is easy. OPU offers step-by-step templates that can be downloaded from our website free of charge. These templates provide instructions on how to initiate an OPU program in your community. OPU staff and board members are available to provide the initial support youll need to get the program started.
Our recommendation is for you to read through the programs on the website. Decide which program appeals to you most and then contact us with your name, address and contact information. We will help you get started.
We will also advise you of others from your area that have been in contact with us. Opportunities might exist to collaborate with other like minded people.
If you are a minor, adult supervision is required, and you can earn service hours.
Thank you for your interest and for supporting the mission of One Planet United!
NOTE: If you would like your non-profit organization to be listed in our Dont Just Sit There; Volunteer program template, contact us for consideration.


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